Robert Glasper On Scoring ‘The Photograph’ And That Kendrick Vs Drake Debate
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Robert Glasper took time from working on his latest album, Black Radio 3, to share how he worked with Stella Meghie to score ‘The Photograph.’

Tall Black Guy On Making Phonte’s “Sweet You” & Booty Call Music For Aliens
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In the age of algorithms and curated playlists, word of mouth is still one of the best ways I find new music and talent. I

Tanya Morgan Wants Something More Than Money From Their Fans [EXCLUSIVE]
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Words by Jerry L. Barrow   Donwill has just spent 40 minutes navigating gentrified Brooklyn traffic on his bike. His partner Von Pea has been enjoying the

Producer J Pilot Flies High With Rick Ross’ “I Think She Like Me”
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Name: J Pilot From: Fayetteville, North Carolina Tracks you’ve heard: Rick Ross F/ Ty Dolla $ign Albums:  "Keep It Gangsta" Twitter: Quotable: "You have to understand music, tones

From The Vault: Da Beatminerz On Early Duck Down Production [VIDEO]
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While interviewing Da Beatminerz for the making of Smif-N-Wessun's debut, Da Shinin, Mr. Walt And Evil Dee dropped a lot of jewels about their early

Heavy D On The Beats (R.I.P.)
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Monifah "I Miss You (Come Back Home) This undeniable groove was vintage Hev with just enough thump for your "jeeps" but plenty melody to keep the

MF Doom Red Bull Music Academy Lecture [VIDEO]
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I don't know why hearing DOOM say "Hola" makes me laugh, but it does.

Kane Beatz Defends Weezy, Celebrating That Super Bass
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(stolen from myself At a mere 23 years old Orlando-born Daniel Johson, aka "That feels crazy," he told Beatz is part

DJ Premier On Making “Regeneration” With Nas [VIDEO]
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Who Did That Mix? DJ Semi
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In the world of music, the DJ has always played an important part. Either breaking a record or testing the crowd's reaction to it, the