Hydrosonics: Ayy Pii
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Words By Jonathan Hailey (@jayspeakeasy) Ayy Pii spoke to NodFactor about his start in producing, why he limits his use of samples, and goals for the

KRS-One, “Stand Up” (Produced By King Karnov)
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Hydrosonics: Phoenix of The Soundkillers
Christopher B. • January 26, 2011 • 3 Comments

While some may not be familiar with NF: Your first release of the new yr was a big one (Home Team features Wes

Hydrosonics: Brainiac Beats
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The producer game is so over saturated, they're the new rapper in that sense. A lot has to do with the growth in techonology it's because of these advances that

Hydrosonics: Aliby
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Nodfactor: First off lets introduce you to the people and let them know what you've worked on to date Aliby: Well I go by Aliby, right now I'm working with Sean

Little Brother F/ Chaundon “So Cold”
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Next track from "Left Back" produced by Hydrosonics alumnus

Hydrosonics-Rough Draft
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NAME: Rough D.R.A.F.T From: Cleveland, OH (now in Arizona) Contact: Nodfactor.com:So why the name Rough Draft? Rough Draft: I used to be a graf artist in high school. My tag was KAOS

The Official Nodfactor Hydrosonics Mixtape
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For all of you hungry, independent, up coming producers out there that have been wondering about the the details of the Hydrosonics mixtape here you go! -It will be 15-20 tracks

Hydrosonics-The Letter C
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In our next installment of Nodfactor.com's "unsigned hype" for producers we interview Beast Of The Beats II Champion and Grind Music apprentice, 

Hydrosonics: Parlay, “We Speak Beats”
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