Young Guru Talks Nas vs. Def Jam, Industry Politics [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • October 20, 2010 • No Comments

Engineer/DJ/Producer Young Guru serves up a dose of real talk on industry rule 4080: "The corporate system doesn't owe me anything...this is a business industry...That person is never going to love

Young Guru Tells How 9th Wonder Got On “Threats”
JLBarrow • May 16, 2010 • No Comments

I've heard a version of this story from 9th obviously but hearing it from Young Guru with all the humility stripped away is great. I am mad he ain't

Young Guru Explains The Challenge Of DJing For Jay-Z
jlb_admin • March 04, 2010 • No Comments

Gives some history of his DJing (which you should already know if you come to this site...)

VIDEO: 9th Wonder. Young Guru & Eric G @ Skyzoo Album Signing
JLBarrow • September 30, 2009 • No Comments

Last night I checked out Skyzoo's album signing at Fat Beats Records and spoke to 9th Wonder about our favorite song on The Salvation, "For What It's Worth" produced by