9th Wonder & Young Guru Debate Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse [VIDEO]
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  It's been about 24 hours since Kendrick Lamar So it was no surprise that tonight at Firehouse studios while supporters of 9th Wonder's artist Rapsody

BEAT TWEETS: Jay-Z “Dead Presidents 3” (Original Version) Prod. by Young Guru
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In the midst of Jay-Z's DP3"Original Version" (Prod. by Young Guru) — Young Guru (@Young_Guru)     Guru also too a

Young Guru & Just Blaze Are Speaking So Shut Up [VIDEO]
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Just Blaze and Young Guru sit down for an exclusive conversation on Hard Knock TV. Stop reading now and press play.

BEAT TWEETS: Young Guru Has Laptop Stolen In D.C.
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It appears that engineer Young Guru has befallen every producer/DJ in the modern era's worst nightmare: having their laptop stolen.  On Sunday April 21st he

Young Guru Borrows A Beat [VIDEO]
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As part of

Does It Matter Where You Record? [VIDEO]
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  Watch this Nodfactor.com exclusive where several engineers, artists and producers talk about the necessity of recording in a big studio verses getting busy where ever

Young Guru Recalls Just Blaze’s Sampling Techniques For “The Blueprint” [VIDEO]
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When He remembers getting DAT tapes from Kanye West on a monthly basis and said that Just Blaze is "slaughtering" him in terms

Young Guru And Sean C Test The MPC Renaissance [VIDEO]
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In this clip from AKAI "It reads all sound files...the SND files, WAVs, Rex-2...and MP3s directly and natively.." This sounds like

Sean C & LV Remake “Roc Boys” Beat For Young Guru [VIDEO]
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The "Rapper Whisperer" @Jasfly was in the building for