How Vinyl Records Were Made In The Fifties [VIDEO]
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RCA made this film in 1955 to show how they manufactured LPs, from recording the music to pressing it in a

Peanut Butter Wolf Shows Off His Vinyl Collection [VIDEO]
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"I started buying my own records when I was 9 years old, in 1979 I was buying 45s whenever I could...I got my first mixer

Support The Dust & Grooves Photography & Interview Project [VIDEO]
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Brooklyn-based photographer and vinyl addict Eilon Paz is launching a kickstarter fundraiser for his Dust and Grooves project.  Elion has interviewed and profiled over 40

J Dilla’s Personal Vinyl And Beat Tapes Found In Detroit Storage Unit
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Upon first glance, Bubeck didn’t recognize the name on a few cassettes that read “JayDee’s Beats.”  Junk mail addressed to James Yancey was mixed in