Bangladesh Talks To Vibe About Pusha T [VIDEO]
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Bangladesh On VIBE Producer Tournament: ‘Honestly, I’m Better Than All Them [Producers]’
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So much for not making any Joe-Budden like comments: VIBE's Best Producer Alive Bracket has been sparking plenty of industry opinions — over the past week, "I'm definitely deserving to

Erykah Badu On VIBE’s Producer Tournament: “Y’all Better Put J Dilla At #1!”
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From When it comes to VIBE’s hotly contested Greatest Hip Hop Producer Of All Time Tournament, Erykah Badu has one clear-cut favorite. “His name is James Yancey and they

9th Wonder: “Anyone Who Picks Me Over Organized Noize Doesn’t Have A Clue!”
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On April 5, 2010 launched their So it was only right that reached out to various producers (both competing in the contest and