Tanya Morgan Wants Something More Than Money From Their Fans [EXCLUSIVE]
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Words by Jerry L. Barrow   Donwill has just spent 40 minutes navigating gentrified Brooklyn traffic on his bike. His partner Von Pea has been enjoying the

Von Pea: “Chasing Amy” aka In Your Heart [prod by The Other Guys]
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This Von Pea guy be rappin and sh*t. He snuck in a whole damn project called To:You produced by The Other Guys, shot videos and

Tanya Morgan F/ Nitty Scott,MC “Never Too Much” Prod By 6th Sense [VIDEO]
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We gave you a sneak peek at this

Tanya Morgan & 6th Sense On Making “Rubber Souls” [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
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A few weeks ago I was invited to hear the new album by Tanya Morgan and 6th Sense, "Rubber Souls" at "We started this album

Tanya Morgan, “Pick It Up” (PROD By 6th Sense) [VIDEO]
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When I went to hear this "Rubber Souls" album this track was definitely a stand out for me and I'm glad they gave it the

Tanya Morgan Dropping “Rubber Souls” LP On 9/24 [TRACKLIST]
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With the "You & What Army" EP and Von Pea's "Duly Noted" holding fans over for a spell, Tanya Morgan are finally returning with a

Von Pea & Aeon, “Duly Noted” EP/ “Things Have Changed”
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  I've made it no secret that some of my favorite songs from "Duly Noted" is everything I liked about "She's Gone" and  

Tanya Morgan, “For Real” [Prod By 6th Sense]
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Some new music from three of my favorite people in the biz, "They say I rock like it's 94, but I don't know

Theo Martins F/ Tanya Morgan “Windows 95” Produced by $port [NEW MUSIC]
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If you're feeling it hit him up on Twitter Like Nodfactor On Facebook for the latest producer news, interviews and music!

Who Did That Beat? Aeon Of The Lessondary [INTERVIEW]
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From: Philadelphia, PA Tracks you've heard: Tanya Morgan's "Rock The Bells," "She's Gone" Von Pea's Albums: Twitter: Quotable: "I made the strange mistake of picking a name