How Swizz Beatz Convinced T.I. To Sample Jay Z
JLBarrow • December 02, 2014 • 1 Comment

While hanging out backstage at CRWN I asked T.I. to reminisce about his album, Urban Legend and his first top 10 hit, "Bring Em Out,"

Jay-Z “Changing The Rules” With Biggest Producers In Hip-Hop [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • June 16, 2013 • No Comments

  I know that this isn't a Jay-Z vs Kanye thing but Hov said "eff your projectors" and took the marketing of his just announced album,

Swizz Beatz Remembers His First Jay-Z Placements [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • December 26, 2012 • No Comments

In an interview with VLADTV Swizz Beatz remembers meeting Jay-Z for the first time and selling him a beat tape on the spot. "This was like

Bangladesh On Swizz Beatz: “I Wasn’t Attacking Another Black Man”
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A few weeks ago Bangladesh made headlines for making a comment to the effect that Swizz Beatz was not "relevant." In

Nas On Working With NO ID and Swizz Beatz
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Can you talk about what the creative process was like working with No I.D.? With No I.D. at first it took us a while to really

Swizz Beatz Raises Money To Keep Music In The Schools [VIDEO]
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Well, some folks are helping to stem that tide so that our future musicians can get in that coveted 10,000 hours of practice needed to

Swizz Beatz Launches Swizzworld.Com
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With the sub line "art, culture and lifestyle" there are sections that reflect his music, painting, photography and more. One of the links is to

The Tweets Is Watching: Swizz Beatz Searching For Female Producers
Christopher B. • October 07, 2010 • No Comments

Just a few minutes ago Swizzy hit twitter to let everyone know he's searching for female producers. It's not often that producers get the opportunity to showcase their talent,

“So Appalled” Kanye x Jay-Z x Pusha x Swizz x RZA x Cyhi The Prynce
Christopher B. • September 24, 2010 • No Comments

Well if you haven't gotten it from another music blog yet allow Nodfactor to be your supplier of G.O.O.D. music this week. By far the track I like the

Swizz Beatz Talks “Stan” Follow Up Track “Anne”
Christopher B. • September 24, 2010 • No Comments

In this clip Swizzy sits with Sway from MTV to talk about his up coming track with Wayne "Anne". Apparently