Outkast’s Mr DJ Flips Michael Jackson For “Rhythm Roulette”
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Is this cheating? In one of the most unorthodox episodes of Mass Appeal's "Rhythm Roulette" the Dungeon Family's Mr DJ takes Michael Jackson's "Off The

K-Def – “Rhythm Roulette” [VIDEO]
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Black Milk Shares Where He Digs For Samples [VIDEO]
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Black Milk has gained a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best rapper/producers in the game today. In this clip he talks about where

“Rhythm Roulette” With Apollo Brown [VIDEO]
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In the next installment of    

Sean C & LV On Having Their “Roc Boys” Beat Remade [EXCLUSIVE]
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Alls fair in beats and business. Last year Nodfactor.com hooked up with producer Marco Polo, who broke down for us

Diamond D On David Axelrod, Favorite DITC Beat And More…[VIDEO]
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The legendary On 45s... "When I was growing up certain beats were only on 45s and naturally DJs had to have two. When I first started

Bob James On The Making Of “Nautilus”
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Our fellow beat junkies over at Nahright sat down and interviewed the iconic Bob James, easily one of the most sampled musicians in hip-hop and

Filtering & Layering With New AKAI MPC Software 1.4 [VIDEOS]
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  In this episode of MPC One-Shot Gill  shows you how to load a sound onto a pad and add layers to each of your pads.

Black Milk Shares Production Secrets On The Endgadget Show [VIDEO]
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So I'm in the middle of listening to Things start with Black Milk around the 24 minute

iStandard Interviews Diamond D [VIDEO]
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On April 10, 2013 iStandard set down with legendary producer Diamond D for a discussion on his career. He talks about Jazzy Jay showing him