Breakfast Breaks # 4: Ramsey Lewis’s “Sun Goddess”
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The titular track to Ramsey Lewis's 1974 album was never meant to be that. His reunion with Earth, Wind & Fire's Maurice White was the

Breakfast Breaks #3: Donny Hathaway, “I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cry”
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On the 106th Anniversary of my esteemed brotherhood Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, I wanted to dedicated today's "Breakfast Breaks" to one of our esteemed

Breakfast Breaks #2: Roy Ayers, “Gotta Find A Lover”
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"Hot sex on a platter" is probably the quickest way to describe the popular cut from Roy Ayers' Ubiquity, "Gotta Find A Lover." While his

Breakfast Breaks #1: Dick Walter “Shifting Sands of Sound”
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I had such a good time So where do I start? This number, "Shifting Sands of Sound" was sampled by Kendrick Lamar's producer Sounwav

9th Wonder Shows How He Made “What I Gotta Say” Beat [VIDEO]
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DJ House Shoes Breaks Down J Dilla’s Unreleased “Feelin Good”
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Detroit producer Props to Jayforce.

Hit-Boy F/ Kid Cudi, “Old School Caddy” [NEW MUSIC]
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TenDJiz – “CommoNasm” (Common and Nas Meet Soviet Soul/Jazz)
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This is his third project blending soviet jazz and some of my favorite MCs. His previous albums are That "Shootouts/1999" is like a prelude to

Sean C & LV Remake “Roc Boys” Beat For Young Guru [VIDEO]
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The "Rapper Whisperer" @Jasfly was in the building for

WATCH: Waajeed Explains Dilla’s Sample Flip On Q-Tip’s “Higher”
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  Waajeed of “Higher” is one of my favorite Q-Tip tracks on On our weekly record trips, we’d trade notes, exchange ideas