Khrysis, 9th Wonder & Just Blaze At Red Bull Music Academy 2015 [VIDEO]
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You know the drill when it comes to Red Bull. Settle in for a long talk filled with info. "Native Instruments and Red Bull Music Academy

Red Bull Interviews Engineer Herb Powers, Jr. [VIDEO]
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  "You need to stop listening to ... You’re training your ear to hear substandard." - Herb Powers Watch below or read the full transcript

Q-Tip’s Red Bull Music Academy Lecture [FULL VIDEO]
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Two hours of Q-Tip talking about beats. For Free. Thank you to Red Bull Music

Red Bull Music Academy Presents: “Drum Majors” [PHOTOS]
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On Wednesday May 22nd RedBull Music Academy held an event just for producers to connect with their fans called Drum Majors. In conjunction with The

“Hanging Out With God”: In The Studio With Bootsy Collins [VIDEO]
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Red Bull Music Academy is one of the last pure creative entities left in the world. Every year they bring musicians together in an optimized

Ali Shaheed Muhammad On Making “Push It Along” [VIDEO]
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These Red Bull Music Academy lectures need to be downloadable on iTunes. I need to be able to take them with me. In the latest

Maseo of De La Soul Red Bull Music Academy Lecture [VIDEO]
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De La Soul's DJ and producer Maseo, aka Plug 3, sat down for the Red Bull Music Academy Lecture in Los Angeles and it was

Mannie Fresh On His Father’s Musical Influence [VIDEO]
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"My Christmas gifts used to be instruments," says Fresh. "When my friends gotta bike why did I get a turntable? When someone got an Atari

Chairman Mao Interviews Young Guru At Red Bull Music Academy [VIDEO]
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"Hip-Hop is one of those weird things that producers sit in the room by themselves and make music...I always preach to people that if you're

Red Bull Music Academy Currently Accepting Applications
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Pretty much what the title says. If you don't know about RBMA then click general info, and application. Good