Can Nas Pick Beats? Salaam Remi Answers Once & For All
JLBarrow • January 03, 2017 • No Comments Grammy Award winning producer Salaam Remi sat down with VLADTV to talk about his recording relationship with Nas. The two collaborated on classics like "Made

DJ Scratch On Why He Remixed Nas’ “Illmatic” [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • July 04, 2014 • No Comments

DJ Scratch is celebrating this Independence Day with a special remix project, a reworking of Nas' "Illmatic" with his  original production called, what else? Scratchmatic. While

Notorious B.I.G. Over “ILLMATIC” [DOWNLOAD]
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In a matter of weeks hip-hop fans and journos will start rolling out their twenty-year retrospectives on albums that came out in 1994. Two of

Redman, “My Second Lighter” [VIDEO]
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  I am in a serious ninety-now state of mind and the universe keeps sending me treats. Redman jacks Nas' "2nd Childhood" beat to lament the

Did Nas’ “Illmatic” Hurt Or Help The Producer?
JLBarrow • April 21, 2013 • No Comments

In an intriguing essay for, writer Insanul Ahmed ( "Before Illmatic came out, rap albums were created the same way albums across all genres are created: With one

The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “Hip-Hop” [VIDEO]
JLBarrow • August 11, 2012 • No Comments

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Top 10 Nas & Salaam Remi Collaborations
JLBarrow • August 01, 2012 • No Comments

Large Professor. LES. DJ Premier.  NO ID. Salaam Remi. Which producer has had the biggest impact on Nas' career? Our peoples at HipHopWired have collected

Nas On Working With NO ID and Swizz Beatz
JLBarrow • July 19, 2012 • No Comments

Can you talk about what the creative process was like working with No I.D.? With No I.D. at first it took us a while to really

TenDJiz – “CommoNasm” (Common and Nas Meet Soviet Soul/Jazz)
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This is his third project blending soviet jazz and some of my favorite MCs. His previous albums are That "Shootouts/1999" is like a prelude to

DJ Premier Wants To Call Nas Album, “Finally”
JLBarrow • June 08, 2012 • No Comments

Some hope was restored when the two In an interview with HipHopDX DJ Premier: I told Nas that I wanna be on Life Is Good,