5th Seal Vlog #16 [VIDEO]
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Brooklyn's 5th Seal is back with his latest video blog from the lab. He needs to throw a party at 25! FREE

Flud Watches Presents “Beats Per Minute” [ALL VIDEOS]
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FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute with Araab Muzik DJ Spinna DJ Numark

Showbiz Speaks On Diamond D’s Influence [VIDEO]
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“We were doing beats on the 808, the DMX and the Roland 909. SP-1200 is the weapon of choice,” he said. “I don’t think any

5th Seal Samples From A 45 (Vlog #8)
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Rediculus Walks An Instinctive Broken Path Of Rhythm
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  Nodfactor: Is your name based on the Rediculus: Actually it’s just a misspelling. I used to go by Todd 1 and then there was a

5th Seal’s VLOG #5
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Parisian Beatmaker Onra: Love On The Beat [VIDEO]
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Kanye West Rocking An MPC At MTV VMAs [VIDEO]
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The highlight of the bleep-filled fuggery that was the VMA's: (props to

Ayatollah Live On The MPC At Fat Beats [VIDEO]
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To celebrate the release of his 3-CD set "Live From The MPC 60", beat legend Ayatollah stopped by Fat Beats NY for a special in-store performance.

VIDEO: Show Plays Beats in the Studio w/ Preemo
jlb_admin • June 29, 2010 • 2 Comments

DITC’s Show (B-I-Z) plays some instrumentals from his upcoming LP, Risk Taker, while DJ Premier busts down some dinner. The dude went and flipped The Halo video game background