Lord Finesse On The Combat Jack Show [AUDIO]
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Diggin' In The Crates co-founder

Flud Watches Presents “Beats Per Minute” [ALL VIDEOS]
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FLüD Presents: Beats Per Minute with Araab Muzik DJ Spinna DJ Numark

Lord Finesse Talks Biggie & Dr. Dre (GrindMusicRadio Interview Pt. 3)
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Lord Finesse talks to Sean C about the tracks he produced for Dr. Dre and Biggie. "'The Message was all the way done...they added strings but the hook and everything was

Lord Finesse Selling His SP-1200
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Spotted @ Lord Finesse is selling his SP-1200 on ebay. Unkut verified that the signature on the MP is authentic so the $1400 machine is responsible for making some classic

Hydrosonics-Rough Draft
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NAME: Rough D.R.A.F.T From: Cleveland, OH (now in Arizona) Contact: Nodfactor.com:So why the name Rough Draft? Rough Draft: I used to be a graf artist in high school. My tag was KAOS

Video: Lord Finesse Remembers Battle w/ Roc Raida
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