Havoc On Working With Kanye & 2 Chainz
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKKURgLxOoU Havoc talks about working with 2 Chainz on the unreleased track "Bars" and collaborating with Kanye for two songs on

Velous Talks About Producing The Beat For Kanye’s “All Day” [VIDEO]
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Vibe.com and MTV.com caught up with producer Velous who talks about his contribution to Kanye's newest hit "All Day." There are over 20 people listed

#TBT: Kanye West Plays “Never Let Me Down” For Pharrell [VIDEO]
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With this week marking the 10-year anniversary of Kanye West's debut album The College Dropout, Complex TV has released never-before-seen footage, shot by

Kanye West Sued Over “Bound 2” Sample
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Oh Yeezy, will he ever learn? Clear your sh*t! According to the NY Daily News Ricky Spicer, whose voice was sampled for  Ricky Spicer was once the

@iLLMindProducer On Meeting S-1 & “Beats For Kanye West” [VIDEO]
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!llmind sat down with the folks at Dynamic Producer to talk about meeting S-1, mobile production and his dope ass instrumental project "Beats For Kanye

!LLmind presents, “Beats For Kanye West” #BFKW
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What if Kanye West was just known for music again? Not his famous baby mama. Not for the attack

Mike WiLL Made It Talks About Fixing Drums On “Mercy” Beat
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In an interview with Mike WiLL Made It: That wasn’t my beat. 'Ye had flew me out of town, and we’re in the studio just working.

RZA On Remixing The Wu, Stax Samples & Influence of Isaac Hayes [VIDEO]
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I had the pleasure of sitting down with The RZA for his new movie "The Man With The Iron Fists" for Like Nodfactor On Facebook

Young Guru Recalls Just Blaze’s Sampling Techniques For “The Blueprint” [VIDEO]
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When He remembers getting DAT tapes from Kanye West on a monthly basis and said that Just Blaze is "slaughtering" him in terms

Symbolyc One Recalls Phonte Introducing Him To Rhymefest, Working With Kanye [VIDEO]
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  During iStandard Producers " Behind the Rhyme" interview with Like Nodfactor On Facebook for the latest producer news, interviews and music!