Listen To Jake One’s #PrayerHandsEmoji @Beat Tape
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It's Jake One. It's a beat tape. It's 24 f*ckin

Black Milk Releases Instrumentals To “If There’s A Hell Below”
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If There's a Hell Below, was one of two albums Black Milk dropped in 2014. The other was the more instrumental project Glitches In The

Just Blaze Drops “Miracle” x “Moleskin Conclusion” Instrumentals
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Free beats from Just Blaze? Please and thank you. The first one called "Miracle" passed hands from Jay Z, Rick Ross, Chris Brown and someone

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DJ Rob Flow knows Black people and he knows beats. So don't be surprised when his latest collection of instrumentals, "Planck Scale Beats" '(dahelldatmean, Rob?)

An Ode To Reasonable Doubt (The Instrumentals)
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In advance of his own solo project, “Memories of The Fewture," producer/composer Antman Wonder has released the instrumentals to his collaboration with Brooklyn lyricist Skyzoo,

MikeBlud & The Letter “C” Present “PrinceStrumentals” [DOWNLOAD]
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Hydrosonics alum Like Nodfactor On Facebook for the latest producer news, interviews and music!

Sport Presents: The Offerin’ Plate [Beat Tape]
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Hydrosonics alum  

DJ Rob Flow: Beats= mc2 [BEAT TAPE]
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My homey Rob Flow dropped this in my inbox for the Nodfactor folks.

9th Wonder Presents “Tutankhamen” Instrumentals
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Tutankhamen is 40 beats from 9th to make your next karaoke party the shit (I kid, I kid.) I wonder if the first track is

The 10 Most Abused Freestyle Beats Of The Last Ten Years
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50 Cent - "I Get Money" Abusers: Jay-Z, Diddy, Ludacris, Chamillionaire, Nicki Minaj, Lil' Kim, Eminem This was arguably 50 Cent's biggest song since "In Da