Kam Moye (Supastition), Marco Polo, and Illmind – STUDIO CRASHERS
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Spotted @ What happens when one rapper and two producers walk into a studio filled with every hip hop artist's dream list of equipment? Of course... they act a fool!

DOWNLOAD: The Official Illmind Remix Album
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Illmind Dropping Remix Album
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Producer !llmind has assembled a new remix album featuring tracks by some of today's best artists. Set to be released by MYX Music Label, The Official !llmind Remix

VIDEO: Rik Cordero Interviews Illmind
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We broke this story of Illmind teaching at the Harlem Children's Zone last year and director Rik Cordero takes us up-close and personal with the teacher and his students.

Illmind Blaps, Rhymes & Life Release Party
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Illmind and Dub MD Present “Blaps, Rhymes & Life”
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"Blaps, Rhymes & Life" is the exclusive new mixtape project from Dub MD and one of the most accomplished producers in Hip Hop, Illmind. A producer that balances both the

Class Act: G-UNIT Producer Illmind teaches beats at Harlem Children’s Zone
JLBarrow • March 18, 2008 • 4 Comments

What do you do after you’ve made beats for Little Brother and 50 Cent? Teach someone else how to do it. Two days a week Jersey producer Illmind packs a classroom