VIDEO: Frequency Has Hotter Looking Artists Than You
JLBarrow • November 10, 2009 • No Comments

Culture 6 sat down with Frequency to discuss the differences between producing for majors and indies. He talks about how he got started (his first major placement with Snoop Dog),

VIDEO: Frequency’s Slaughterhouse Tour Diary
JLBarrow • September 18, 2009 • No Comments

Frequency caught some hilarious footage from the Slaughterhouse tour this summer. "Smoking on your balls?" PAUSE!

DOWNLOAD: Welcome To The FREQShow Mixtape
JLBarrow • August 07, 2009 • No Comments

The perfect companion piece to our New York, New York – – Trackstar the DJ, known for his work with The Smoking Section as well as his Boogie Bang mixtape

WHO DID THAT BEAT? Frequency “Makes It Good” With Snoop & Ghostface
JLBarrow • November 14, 2008 • 2 Comments

Name: Frequency From: Rockville Centre, NY Contact: Discography: Wordsworth, Mirror Music ("Shoulder," "One Day" and "Don't Go.") Snoop, The Blue Carpet Treatment "Think About It" Ego Trip "Make It Good" Ghostface Killah, Big Doe Rehab,