Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella) Shares What Makes A Good DJ [VIDEO]
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After "Now we're in 2012 and the DJ is now the star because of things like Serato...The DJ is the a

Erykah Badu On VIBE’s Producer Tournament: “Y’all Better Put J Dilla At #1!”
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From When it comes to VIBE’s hotly contested Greatest Hip Hop Producer Of All Time Tournament, Erykah Badu has one clear-cut favorite. “His name is James Yancey and they

DOWNLOAD: New Amerykah Part Two | Original Samples
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“Forever Luvlee” Remix
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"I just don't give a fuck, my shits too ghetto'd out.." So the For my It's not my first time pilfering sounds from Momma's Gun and it certainly won't be the last