Dwele Remembers Making Beats On Boss DR-5 Drum Machine [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]
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I also asked him to discuss the Michael Jackson tribute, a recreation of "Human Nature", that he posted to Youtube a few years ago. If you

Dwele Hops On MPC 2500 And Makes A Song From Scratch
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For this clip right here Dwele shows what he does when "bored at home on a

VIDEO: Dwele Remakes “Human Nature” In 7 Minutes!
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"june 25th, at home washing clothes for upcoming tour. . .had 45 minutes to set up the camera and have some fun in tribute to mike, mistakes and all, all

Bloggin 4 Breaks: The Dwele Edition
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VIDEO:Dwele Has Split Personalities
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Singer/Producer Dwele Makes Beats on The Run
JLBarrow • June 24, 2008 • 3 Comments

When he's not busy giving people music to cheat to Detroit's Dwele is making beats on the run. On his new CD, Sketches of a Man, the singer/producer has a