10 Things You Should Know About Focus…
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  You could probably describe But for the unfamiliar here is a mini-diary of a one man mad band. https://youtu.be/zTTvF9_vG88 Originally published on

Focus… Rejoins Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment
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What a difference three years can make. Producer and MC Bernard "Focus…" Edwards has rejoined Dr. Dre's Aftermath entertainment. Focus…left the label in

Rick Ross F/ Dr. Dre & Jay-Z, “3 Kings” [Produced by Jake One]
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Rick Ross got three heavy hitters for the latest preview of his newest album, God Forgives, I Don't. Dr. Dre's

Kendrick Lamar Talks Producers On New Album
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DJ Quik Has Heard “Detox” But Doesn’t Think It Will Ever Come Out
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"I don't really believe that Dr. Dre's gonna release ," he said in an interview with This definitely seems in line with what we've heard

Producer Focus… On Being Misinterpreted, The Fate Of Detox And Cashing Reality Checks
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The New York born, Connecticut raised son of the late music legend Bernard Edwards of CHIC fame has a Latin Grammy under his belt for

DJ Quik On Dr. Dre’s Studio Set-Up [VIDEO]
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"Dr. Dre be having a fuckin labrynth. He has keyboards stacked up to the ceiling and six MPC 3000s running at once.."  He also says

DJ Khalil: “Relationships Are Everything In This Business”
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“I was in the club at Snoop’s release party last night and they played the song and it was the first time I heard it

Dr. Dre F/ Eminem “I Need A Doctor” [VIDEO PREMIERE]
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Dr. Dre Says Detox Is Coming On 4/20 [VIDEO]
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Just Blaze posted a twitvid of himself in the studio with Dr. Dre. In addition to plugging the new Saigon album he gave the good Dr. a chance to plug