DJ Quik Has Heard “Detox” But Doesn’t Think It Will Ever Come Out
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"I don't really believe that Dr. Dre's gonna release ," he said in an interview with This definitely seems in line with what we've heard

DJ Quik Interview With The Fader TV [VIDEO]
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"It sounds like I made it in 1990" -DJ Quik

DJ Quik On Dr. Dre’s Studio Set-Up [VIDEO]
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"Dr. Dre be having a fuckin labrynth. He has keyboards stacked up to the ceiling and six MPC 3000s running at once.."  He also says

DJ Quik: “I Already Know What The Planets Sound Like”
JLBarrow • May 31, 2011 • 2 Comments

Whether you’re a casual fan of DJ Quik or a diehard owner of The Red Tape, statements like that should come as no surprise. The

DJ Quik & Battlecat at Redbull Bigtune Seattle 2009
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