Bloggin 4 Beatz: What Would Scooby Doo?
jlb_admin • May 19, 2010 • 2 Comments

A few months ago I copped the Motorola Droid and I think it's the best phone I've ever had in my life. Though it could really use some better games

Bloggin 4 Beats: Brand New Being Remix
JLBarrow • January 25, 2010 • No Comments

When I interviewed DJ JS-1 he told me that he was providing a data disc with acapellas, instrumentals and clean version for his new project, Ground Original 2, No Sellout.

Bloggin 4 Beats: Hello Brooklyn (Flow Ayers Remix)
jlb_admin • January 06, 2010 • No Comments

I really miss Brooklyn. After living there my entire life I relocated to Queens seven years ago so that I could escape the scourge known as Alternate Side Parking. While

Bloggin 4 Beats: Jay-Z’s Allure Remix
JLBarrow • September 03, 2009 • No Comments

A few weeks ago I posted a beat I made called

Bloggin 4 Beats: Breathe & Stop Remix
JLBarrow • July 21, 2009 • No Comments

How many producers can say they've had their own voice used in a beat? That's exactly what I did with this remix of Q-Tip's "Breathe & Stop." I

Bloggin 4 Beats: Indecent Proposal
JLBarrow • July 10, 2009 • No Comments

For the last day of Maxwell Sample  week I couldn't decide which beat to end with so I'm dropping both of them. The first  one  I made sampling "The Proposal

Bloggin 4 Beats: Sumthin Sumthin
JLBarrow • July 09, 2009 • No Comments

Sometime ago I had an idea to do a mixtape full of beats based on all the songs from the Love Jones Sountrack. It seemed like a fitting

Bloggin 4 Beats: Bad Habits
JLBarrow • July 08, 2009 • No Comments

For the next installment of Maxwell Week I flipped arguably the best song on Black Summer's Night, "Bad Habits."  I affectionately dubbed it, "Drag Em By The Hair." When you

Bloggin 4 Beats: Broken Wings
JLBarrow • July 07, 2009 • No Comments

This isn't the first Maxwell beat I've done but it is the most recent. On a whim I decided to grab his first single off of Black Summer's Night, the

Bloggin 4 Beats: Maxwell Week
JLBarrow • July 06, 2009 • No Comments

This week on I will be debuting a new beat everyday sampling Maxwell to coincide with the debut of his new album Black Summer's Night. To kick things off I