VIDEO: @RZA Discusses ROLI Blocks Beat Making Tool At CES

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With another CES in the books, Endgadget spoke to RZA about an entry level music creation tool called Roli Blocks.

“It actually can do everything a drum machine can do. Can do everything a KAOSS pad can do and things those devices can’t do. Being that it’s touch sensitive you get multilayers of touch. You can go into percussion mode as well. You can use it with almost any DAW. It works really great in logic but we advise you now to download the free app called Noise. It gives you a bunch of sounds.”


There is a RZA sound pack called Spoonful of Grit and you can start simply with one block or add on. The Lightpad Block features a 15×15 LED matrix, Bluetooth connectivity, a rechargeable battery and multiple playing layouts. Lightpad Block builds sequencing, looping, finger drumming and expressive control into a single intuitive device. It’s 3.7 inches by 3.7 inches square and weighs 250g and retails for $179.

“When we was making ‘Bring The Ruckus’ we took the snare and we put it in the elevator shaft and recorded it. That gave us that *crash* so we try to emulate that in the sounds in this pack as well.”

Watch RZA talk about the sound pack, the Roli Block tool and more during his interview at CES.

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