Velous Talks About Producing The Beat For Kanye’s “All Day” [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • March 05, 2015 • No Comments and caught up with producer Velous who talks about his contribution to Kanye’s newest hit “All Day.” There are over 20 people listed as contributors in some shape or form and he is listed under his name, Tyler Brant.

“I was chillin on my boy’s couch watching SNL and just experimenting. That’s not a factory synth,  I made that sound. I was experimenting trying to make sounds and just trying to make a bounce. …French Montana doesn’t actually make beats but he’s always had ideas for all his records. Things to be added to the beat and additional production. It was something me and French were working on at the crib and brought it over there. He had a session with Kanye and played him all my beats.”

Watch more below.

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