DJ Scratch and Pete Rock Pay Tribute To James Brown [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • July 24, 2014 • No Comments

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As part of a special tribute to James Brown for the biopic “Get On Up,” brought Pete Rock and DJ Scratch together to pay tribute to Soul Brother #1 and offer up a special 45 mix of classic James Brown breaks.

“James Brown is music period,” says Scratch. “He spawned other genres of music. He was rock-n-roll he was the funk and the best live performer in the history of performance period. If you have time go to Youtube and search James Brown live at the Boston Garden and just watch him perform. The dances he was doing you’ll see Janet Jackson doing thirty years later. He was doing that back in the 60s. He created it all. This genre that we are a part of is all based on James Brown. So if it wasn’t for James there would be no me, there would be no hip-hop.

“James Brown Soul Broth #1 is everything to music,” adds Pete. “He is the ultimate blueprint to follow. If you want to learn about the man who’s made the best music every you Google James Brown.”

Watch the mix and full interview in the video below:

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