Cory Mo Explains “Country Rap Tunes” And New Album [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • June 23, 2014 • No Comments

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Houston bread engineer, producer and rapper Cory Mo talks to about his new album, “Take It Or Leave It,” and what exactly comprises a “country rap tune.”

“Devin the Dude gave me my first chance on the production side. I produced that ‘Anything is Everything’ and everybody in Houston wanted to get beats from me when they heard me working with Devin,” he says. “My sound is a mesh between some old school UGK mixed with Outkast and a little sprinkle of Kanye in there to take it overseas. I try to keep my Houston core sound but as far as me reaching out to the masses I try to have my production on what Jay Z or Kendrick Lamar would be on.”

Watch the full interview below:

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