Diamond D On David Axelrod, Favorite DITC Beat And More…[VIDEO]

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The legendary Diamond D gave an interview to ScratchmagazineTV and answered questions about the renewed popularity of 45s, his favorite DITC production and getting props from David Axelrod.

On 45s…

“When I was growing up certain beats were only on 45s and naturally DJs had to have two. When I first started buying beats there was a record store in Manhattan called Downstairs Records. The owner’s name was Nick and he’d have all the 45s up on the wall. They were bootleg 45s but they had breaks on both sides…”

“I like the 45 because it combines two skills, digging and DJing. When I do a 45 set I go in on them shits. I got doubles of everything…It’s a novelty. You got kids that are 18 or 19 that have never seen a 45. ”

His favorite DITC production…

“It’s hard to say because we all got classics. But I will do this, what’s one of the best Lord Finesse joints I like? I would say “Knockin Niggas Off, Knockin Niggas OUt” because Finesse flipped the “Scooby Doo” shit. I always thought that was kind of slick…”

On David Axelrod…

“He called me personally about the ‘Hiatus’ remix to say he likes how I flipped the remix. He gave me props on the Ras Kass “Soul On Ice” remix. It sounds like a loop but it’s actually in three sections pieced together and Axelrod was like ‘I wish I’d thought of that.’ My head got REAL big that day…”

Watch the full video below.

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