DJ Scratch & TJ Mizell Salute Jam Master Jay For His Birthday [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • January 21, 2014 • No Comments

DJ Scratch TJ Mizell JMJ Tribute

For this very special edition of TJ’s Tuesdays on Jason Mizell’s Birthday his son TJ Mizell and the renowned DJ Scratch pay homage infront of the Jam Master Jay memorial in Hollis, Queens. The duo pays their respect for the fallen legend with a tag team routine showcasing the timeless art of turntablism.

“Happy Birthday Jam Master Jay! Me & JMJ’s Son went to the corner of 205th Street in Hollis Queens with 4 turntables & rocked for 2 hours in 40 degree weather to do a tribute to JMJ to release for his Birthday today,” Scratch wrote on his Facebook Page. “Here it goes.”

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