The Alchemist Has An Exercise Bike Strapped To A Drum Machine

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The Alchemist is one of those funny geniuses that says things so nuts that you’re not sure if he’s telling the truth sometimes, but it so CONVINCING. In their latest “In The Studio” piece caught up with Al and Evidence to talk about their upcoming collaborative album,  Lord Steppington and Al revealed how he stays fit in the studio:

Al: I have an [exercise] bike that’s attached to the drum machine, so I can cycle and drum at the same time. I experiment with different fitness machines and drum machines. When you’re in the studio long enough, you get chicken flab muscles, and then you get crazy white skin because you’re in a fucking dungeon. So when you integrate fitness into producing, you always get a better result. And the blood rushes to your brain. More blood rushing is always a bonus. You don’t want to be a pasty Skeletor. It’s some next shit.

Evidence: You can’t literally do both at the same time, but almost.

Al: When you cycle, there’s a rhythm to it. The ideal thing is to make the cycle the same as your heartbeat, then you’re fully in sync. A different chakra opens up.

Ev: If you’re super-ill, you can ride double-time.

Al: It’s possible [that we could show you a picture of this], but it’s really makeshift.

Ev: Dr. Dre probably has a [more advanced] version of this. We have the other version.

Al: We’re developing a Bowflex version.

See what I mean ? Good, read the full interview HERE.

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