Kanye West Sued Over “Bound 2” Sample

JLBarrow • December 24, 2013 • No Comments

ponderosa twins plus 1

Oh Yeezy, will he ever learn? Clear your sh*t! According to the NY Daily News Ricky Spicer, whose voice was sampled for “Bound 2” is suing Kanye West and his record label for unauthorized use of his voice. Spicer sang the vocals for “Bound” for the Ponderosa Twins Plus One at the mere age of 12.

Ricky Spicer was once the ‘Plus One’ of singing group Ponderosa Twins Plus One. He alleges his voice was wrongly taken from one of the songs from his old group’s album and used on a Kanye West record.

Listen to “Bound” below. We can’t believe that Kanye didn’t clear this. Does Spicer own the rights to the song? I make a lot of fun of Kanye but I can’t imagine they didnt’ at least THINK they’d obtained the proper clearance from the copyright owner but you never know.

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