9th Wonder & Young Guru Debate Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse [VIDEO]

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It’s been about 24 hours since Kendrick Lamar broke the Internet with his Shang Tsung-style verse on Big Sean’s “Control” record.  The responses have come in the form of Tweets, memes and answer records from some of the most unlikely of people.

So it was no surprise that tonight at Firehouse studios while supporters of 9th Wonder’s artist Rapsody were waiting for a sneak peek at her new Gangsta Grillz mixtape “She Got Game,” the conversation was around what Kendrick did to and for hip-hop and how MCs should react—if at all. Anyone who knows 9th and Young Guru knows that they are as outspoken about the culture as anyone and are two of the best conversationalists alive. So what happens when the two of them decide to pass the mic on this particular topic? Hilarity.

“Joell came real good but it wasn’t the knock out blow,” Guru said of the Slaughterhouse member’s “Out of Control,” answer record.  “He hit me at 2 and said ‘it’s up’ and I said “hhmmm it’s a B+. The n*gga put up 50 points and you put up 30…What’s gonna happen next is you’re going to have a sub par NY rapper gonna come out with some shit that’s just gonna be ok. That’s gonna be around 9 o’clock.”

Well Guru was half right. It wasn’t a NY rapper, but B.O.B. released “How 2 Rap” around 9 on the dot in response to Kendrick.

So what’s next? Watch as he and 9th break down the cycle of “Control” and why it will be almost impossible for any MC to respond effectively right now.

He put the pressure on these n*ggas. N*ggas is hovering over M-Boxes right now! They on revision five!”Young Guru

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