?uestlove Explains How Stevie Wonder & Bill Cosby Influenced Hip-Hop Production

JLBarrow • June 20, 2013 • No Comments


In his new book, Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove, the drummer and producer extraordinaire pinpoints how one of the most popular television shows in history influenced a generation of hip-hop producers. In and episode of “The Cosby Show” the legendary Stevie Wonder plays around in the studio with the Huxtable kids and indirectly introduced future producers to new technology.

“Simple: it was the first time that 99 percent of us who went on to be hip-hop producers saw what a sampler was,” he writes. “At that point, it was just something cool on a sitcom, and in response to it, in awe of it, an entire generation of talented, ambitious black kids leaned forward in their chairs to the point of falling out.” [READ MORE AT BUZZFEED]

This is analogous to many DJs I’ve spoken to saying that watching Omar Epps’ character Quincy DJing in “Juice” was an impactful moment for them.  Too bad television and movies don’t inspire creativity in this way anymore. Or do they? Let me know @JLBarrow.

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