@FlyingLotus Tweets The Making Of Thundercat’s “Apocalypse” Album

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Given the hectic schedules of both artists and writers, it would be remiss of us to pass up on a free interview. Producer extraordinaire Flying Lotus held a “live” Twitter listening of the new album “Apocalypse” by his artist Thundercat.  “Ill be blowing up your timeline in a lil bit doing my commentary on this album,” he wrote at around 11 am on Tuesday June 4th. “If u wanna listen to ‘Apocalypse’ together lets start at the top of the next hour.. aka 5 min from now..”

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We caught the session midstream but it was so enlightening and fresh that we had to share. Depending on when you see this post you can easily skim his timeline on Twitter @FlyingLotus or read what he had to say below.

1. “Tenfold”




2. Heartbreaks + Setbacks



3. Life Aquatic

4. Special Stage


5. Tron Song






6. Seven


7. Oh Sheit It’s X




8. Without You


9. Lotus And the Jondy





10. Evangelion

11. We’ll Die

12.  A Message For Austin/ Praise The Lord/  Enter The Void








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