In The Lab With Kev Brown & DJ Iran [VIDEO]

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Digital Hustle Films conducted a very thorough interview with producers Kev Brown and DJ Iran. In the 45-minute mini-documentary the two discuss production and Kev also plays a couple of unreleased tracks.

They have a really interesting dialogue about how Teddy Riley elevated Jam & Lewis sound by mixing hip-hop elements and what Puff’s influences were in the studio.
“Let me tell you the Puffy part,” says Iran. “I believe that in Puffy’s mind was trying to recreate the experience he had of listening to Kid Capri. I was interning for Puff at the time at Uptown. He wanted it to sound like a blend, but constructed as if it wasn’t a blend. So instead of playing Public Enemy’s instrumental with New Edition’s vocals on top, let’s recreate it.”

And that is just in the first four and a half minutes.

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