Supastition & Stoupe (Formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks) Announce Collaborative Project

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You can really speak things into being. Just a few weeks ago I was listening to “Chain Letters” and wondered aloud on Twitter where Supastition was. After a name change (and subsequent change back it appears) he has returned with three new projects slated for 2013. The first of which is a collaborative album with producer Stoupe, formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks.

Supastition and Stoupe (formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks) have joined forces to create the music collective, VESTIGE, which will focus solely on releasing concept albums based around one common theme. The first project will be entitled The Inanimate Life which documents the fictional life story of a man born to an unfit mother and how his life spirals out of control due to her actions, as well as his own mistakes. The story and lyrics were written by Supastition with Stoupe and his production team (Bad Tape) handling the music which meshes together hip hop, downtempo, and live instrumentation.

In addition to this project stition is also in the studio working on an upcoming EP with German-based producer, Rik Marvel. ‘The Guilt Trip EP‘ and has his The BlackBoard EP coming May 21st. Welcome back!

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