Von Pea & Aeon, “Duly Noted” EP/ “Things Have Changed”

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I’ve made it no secret that some of my favorite songs from Tanya Morgan have been their joints with producer Aeon, so when I saw this new EP scroll across my FB timeline I knew it would be something I’d want to cop.

“Duly Noted” is everything I liked about “She’s Gone” and “Rock The Bells” in one extended, smoothed out boom-bap package complete with instrumentals (made entirely on an iPad according to Aeon). Check out the video to “Things Have Changed” and be thankful that when it comes to their collaborative work, things have not changed much with Pea and Aeon. Album stream  from DJBooth.net after the clip.




In August 2012, Tanya Morgan emcee Von Pea was sitting in L.A. with new creative energy and nowhere to put it. Listening to a beat tape Tanya Morgan in-house producer Aeon gave him, Von began writing on his flight back to New York. A few months later, hip-hop fans are being treated to the duo’s new collaborative project, Duly Noted. 

The six track EP is produced entirely by Aeon, with vocal duties handled solely by Von Pea. Included on the project are singles “Things Have Changed” and “Alone.” Those purchasing the EP will also receive six bonus instrumentals, one for each track. 



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