Breakfast Breaks #5: Francois De Roubaix, “Les Dunes D’ostende”

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So my first time listening to Tha Carter IV the “President Carter” song jumped out at me because I’ve spent a lot of time with the Dusty Fingers volumes of CDs/MP3s. I finally got around to sifting through the folders on my external hard drive and found the strings in Vol. 11. I read a bunch of reviews and no one seemed to pick out the strings. IF this is listed in the CD packaging then the jokes on me, but I don’t know anyone with a LEGIT copy of Tha Carter IV and I’m not about to plunk down $15 in the name of research. Maybe I’m crazy but they sound a WHOLE LOT like this right here:

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According to Discogs, “…François de Roubaix (1939-1975) was a french multi-instrumentalist and composer for commercials, TV series, and about 30 feature-length films. De Roubaix had a home studio which he used a lot for both experimentation and final tracks. He freely combined classical (prerecorded) music with electronic instruments, early synthesizers and rhythm boxes. François de Roubaix died in an diving accident near the Canary Isles in 1975…”


I actually remembered this song because I found the second half at the :38 mark to be super grimy and had looped it up, but never did anything with it. I had an idea to call the beat “Jekyll and Hyde” cuz the change up was so dramatic. But anyway, here it is. Everybody with Dusty Fingers had it under their noses all along. Props to Angel “Onhel” Aponte and Infamous for making it hot.

Roblaix has been sampled by quite a few folks actually, everyone from KRS-One to Kid Cudi.

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