Breakfast Breaks #1: Dick Walter “Shifting Sands of Sound”

JLBarrow • December 02, 2012 • No Comments

I had such a good time playing name that tune with “California Soul” and Gang Starr’s “Check The Technique” at iStandardProducers Beat Camp that I want to keep the ball rolling. I used to do a “Sunday Soul Sample” on and here years ago but I think I need to make this an everyday hustle. If you like it hit us up on Twitter @Nodfactor and @JLBarrow.

So where do I start?

This number, “Shifting Sands of Sound” was sampled by Kendrick Lamar’s producer Sounwav for “Hol Up.” I don’t know much about the original composition, Das Wunder Stereo, but according to the writer at LakasaFunk: “…german lp released on Marcato label sounds like a demo lp to test your hi-fi installation on Side A, with several atmosphere noises and a man introducing them in german language…”

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To say the writer Dick Walter is a beast is an understatement. If I have tracked down the right Dick Walter, he is an accomplished television commercial composer and jazz musician that has a catalog waiting to be um…”appreciated.”

Break comes in around :31

Also check out “Silhouettes” by Dick Walter…


Kanye’s Lord, Lord, Lord Sample: Brian Bennett, “Solstice”


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