The Making Of DJ Khaled’s “Hip-Hop” [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • August 11, 2012 • No Comments

3 Little Digs take us in the lab for the recording of DJ Khaled’s “Hip-Hop” featuring Justice League on the beat, DJ Premier on the scratches, Nas and Scarface on the lyrics. DJ Khaled holds down the A&Ring duties on this one. Watch the clip above as he tells Premier what parts of the song he wants to cut up and where.
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“To be honest with you, this has been a dream of mine to talk music with him [DJ Premier] besides being a fan…I know all his records…this is a big moment..” –DJ Khaled

“Hip-Hop” is the latest in the “music as woman” series set off my Common on “I Used To Love H.E.R.” with Nas and Scarface sounding just a little upset with their lady love. Listen to the track below.  Khaled’s sixth album Kiss The Ring will be in stores August 24th.

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