Nas On Working With NO ID and Swizz Beatz

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Nas’s long-awaited album Life Is Good is officially out for the world to consume and the lyricist sat with Vibe to talk about some of producers he worked with to bring the best out of him. While I think that “Summer On Smash” sticks out on this album like a Black man in a Woody Allen movie, Nas and Swizz evidently have a lot in common.

Can you talk about what the creative process was like working with No I.D.?
With No I.D. at first it took us a while to really see what train we were both on. We both seemed to agree on a lot of things, but to work together we had to make sure we were on the same page. His take on the album was for me to just be myself. Forget everything else…just do what’s real. That’s always been the formula with me and Salaam [Remi]. So it was no different with No I.D. We would just spend sessions talking. Those conversations really kept me on point. No I.D. is a brilliant dude.

What did you learn from working with Swizz Beatz this go around?
Working with Swizz was great. We both have been through divorce. Me and Swizz both been through baby mama drama. We both have an undying love for hip-hop. And we are in great places in our life. He’s probably in a better place when it comes to his love life because Swizz is married to the amazing Alicia Keys. But we’re both in a great place in our lives.


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