Support The Dust & Grooves Photography & Interview Project [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • July 12, 2012 • No Comments

Brooklyn-based photographer and vinyl addict Eilon Paz is launching a kickstarter fundraiser for his Dust and Grooves project.  Elion has interviewed and profiled over 40 different collectors already, from the U.S. to Europe, South America and Ghana. But his work is only partially done.

Take a look at the work in progress at and on Facebook,

Dust & Grooves – a passionate interpretation for vinyl records and photography from Eilon Paz on Vimeo.

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for a premium book (and other related items, including prints) of Elion’s work. The campaign will end August 10. Go to the Dust & Grooves Kickstarter page HERE

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