Kendrick Lamar Talks Producers On New Album

JLBarrow • June 20, 2012 • No Comments

In a recent interview with AOL’s TheBoombox Kendrick Lamar talked about the producers–other than Dr. Dre–he worked with on his upcoming album:

Is there a producer you worked with besides Dr. Dre that you really feel got the sound that you envisioned?

Definitely Q-Tip. And Pharrell [Williams]. Them two, as far as major producers that I’ve worked with. Q-Tip because he got that sound of the early ’90s that I love. I’m just a fan of his work, period. The Renaissance album is probably one of my favorite albums. His whole abstract sound is kinda the vibe of where I was going as far as my production. Pharrell, as far as the melodic notes and the vibe. I played him a few records before I got in [with him] and he’s like, “It’s already there. What you want to add onto it?” Other than that, I kept everything real in-house and tight-knit with the people I started off with from my earliest mixtapes. Soundwave… Willie B… Everybody who know my music know that they a part of my actual sound as far as the mixing and vocal production.


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