Hit-Boy Has No Problem With Gwyneth Paltrow’s N-Bombs

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A day after dropping the most SEO-optimized song ever, “Jay-Z Interview”, producer Hit-Boy is coming to the defense of actress Gywneth Paltrow. The actress has come under fire for tweeting about the Hit-Boy produced “N*ggas In Paris” while watching The Throne in France.  In and interview with Vulture, the producer reasoned that there was no harm meant and that people should relax.

Gwyneth Paltrow has come under fire for tweeting “N*ggas in Paris,” using the N-word, from a Watch the Throne show in Paris.  But The-Dream said he tweeted it from her phone unbeknownst to her. Since you were there with them, did you see what happened?
I was right there with The-Dream and Beyoncé and Gwyneth and all those people, and we were just having a good time. I didn’t see that [the tweet], but they were partying together. They were sitting directly next to each other, so you never know. I just know we were all in the moment and Champagne was flowing. That moment was just incredible.

Katy Perry performed an innocuous rendition of “N*ggas in Paris”, sans the N-word, earlier this year. Honestly, it can get awkward in mixed audiences when that word comes on in the song. Did you ever consider how the title and lyrics would be received or mimicked by non-black fans?
It’s funny you say that. A moment popped in my head during the concert when Kanye is performing “All of the Lights” and he says, “This is your one chance to get away saying ‘MJ gone/Our n*gga dead.'” I feel like it’s that same moment. It’s so powerful that you can’t really — the song is called what it’s called — long as it’s not in a disrespectful way, honestly, I don’t really mind it.


Have you heard “Jay-Z Interview” yet? Check it out below and tell us what you think. Bink! on the beat!

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