DJ Premier Wants To Call Nas Album, “Finally”

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About a million seven years ago I convinced Nas and DJ Premier to appear on the cover of Scratch magazine together and begin working on their long-rumored collaborative album. However, with every year that has passed since then fans have slowly been pushing the project into Detox territory.

Some hope was restored when the two collaborated for the Regeneration project, but no music has materialized as yet.

In an interview with HipHopDX DJ Premier revealed that he was trying to get down on Nas’ Life Is Good album, but that Mr. Jones had other plans for Primo.

DX: Can you speak on the Nas album that you’re supposed to be producing? How’d that come about? Have you guys started working on it yet?

DJ Premier: I told Nas that I wanna be on Life Is Good, and I’ve been deejaying for him lately on his Illmatic Tour. I was like, “Yo. I wanna get on Life Is Good. I got some joints,” and I gave ‘em to him when we were doing the Regeneration thing with the Berklee Orchestra. He came to the studio and we were trading beats. He took some but he was like, “Yo, this album is almost like a Here, My Dear album,” like Marvin Gaye did for his ex-wife. So I was like, “You know what? If it doesn’t fit that, then it doesn’t fit it. I’ll wait until we do our album,” and he said, “Wait, let me get through this and put this one out, we’ll start very soon this year.” So… He’s said that before but I think this time it’s going down because there’s been more involvement with management and planning it out on how to do it. I’m take his word for it that it’s gonna start this year.

DX: What do you think you’ll name it?

DJ Premier: We joked around that we should call it Finally. I don’t know if that’s what it’s gonna be called but that’d be a dope title, you know what I’m saying? It’s not written in stone but Finally would be dope. [Laughs] You can quote me, but don’t quote me.

Premier dropped several other jewels like that Nas passed on The Alchemist’s “We Gonna Make It Beat” (!) READ THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE!


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