Erick Sermon And ?uestlove Remember Beastie Boys MCA (R.I.P)

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On May 4th 2012 the music world was rocked by the news that Adam “MCA” Rauch, founding member of The Beastie Boys, died of throat cancer. He was 47 years old.

In this brief interview with The Source magazine Erick Sermon offers his memories of the Beasties and why some hip-hop heads are reluctant to give them their due respect.

In this great eulogy for, ?uestlove remembers touring with The Beasties

man. this was the education that has sustained me into the business i have now. my passion for sneakers? those guys. making my own custom t shirts? (I’ve made about 2000 in the past 10 years) those guys. my passion for funk records and 45s id pay $500 a record for? those guys. now I’m going through my parents basement looking for old Ebony’s from the 70s and now I’m becoming a pop culture junkie scouring the earth for soul train episodes? those guys. standing for what i politically believe in even if its not popular?

all those guys.

i was expecting the most hedonistic party all night sleep all day experience that spring of 95. all the stuff i heard? the “trim coordinators” the making out with madonna backstage madness, the switching places when the bell is rung? i mean I’m straight up….i was ready for some rowdy assholes to give me a gazillion stories id tell my kids for days. instead i got….

nice guys?


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