Rakim: “Kanye West Is Not Afraid To Reach”

JLBarrow • April 24, 2012 • No Comments

If The God MC is campaigning for beats this is one way to do it. In an interview with The Atlantic (spotted by HipHopDX) The Microphone Fiend Rakim heaped a healthy helping of praise on Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.

“I love Kanye for that. Being a producer, making beats, and being a rapper. He does it all. Now, sometimes somebody can give you a credible track. But when you’re searching for records or samples, only you know in your mind, in your intuition or your first instincts, what you need. When you hear that record, there’s no denying it – ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to sample this.’ And he has that situation where he’s lucky enough to love rhyming but can make his own beats, and that’s like the perfect match. When he plays a record, his mind is on it right away. So, being able to do that and the way he does it, Kanye is not afraid to reach…”
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