The 10 Most Abused Freestyle Beats Of The Last Ten Years

JLBarrow • April 06, 2012 • No Comments

This list was way overdue. My fam at HipHopWired assembled the most abused and overused instrumentals of the last ten years on the #strugglerapper circuit. I haven’t even looked at the whole list yet and I know “Otis” and “A Milli” have earned their spots.

Some producers like Just Blaze absolutely refuse to release their instrumentals for the fear of the 808 goodness falling into the wrong struggle rapper. Let’s take a look back at such cases as we remember some of the most abused instrumentals of the last 10 years.

50 Cent – “I Get Money” [Produced By Apex. 2006]

Abusers: Jay-Z, Diddy, Ludacris, Chamillionaire, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Kim, Eminem

This was arguably 50 Cent’s biggest song since “In Da Club.” When Curtis was on its way in stores and the album lacked that sure shot punch in the gut of a single that 50’s preceding albums had, “I Get Money” delivered in droves. The oft-sampled Audio Two jam put more money into his pocket, but a whole lot more into 50 Cent’s who was just coming off of a huge deal VitaminWater/Coca-Cola deal. Soon after this dropped, every rapper who was making duckets couldn’t wait to tell you about it over this beat.

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