7 Aurelius Says He Had To Mic Check Ja Rule

JLBarrow • February 02, 2012 • No Comments

In a recent interview with Hip-HopN More, producer 7 Aurelius speaks about reuniting with Ja Rule for his new album PIL 2 and the attention to detail I had to maintain since Rule was going to jail.

We made it a point to stay in our lanes. I did the tracks and Ja did the lyrics. My biggest challenge was getting Rule not to record at his home studio because of the quality of the mic. He hated having to re-record the flows but I eventually told him ‘Bro I have 1 month left to get your vocals recorded on these songs and I need it to be the best quality. If that doesn’t happen and when you leave, I am going to be stuck with an epic record with great performances that are not recorded well and I can’t deliver the record properly in the manner that it should‘. He agreed and we made it to the finish.

Check out Ja’s new track “Real Life Fantasy”  and read the full interview HERE.

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