BPZY Reveals Mistake In Nas And AZ’s “The Essence” Beat

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In an upcoming interview with Nodfactor.com producer BPZY aka Baby Paul says that a simple mistake made it into the final mix of his track for Nas and AZ’s “The Essence.”

What’s the biggest mistake you ever made in the studio and how did you fix it?
Funny story. That song “The Essence” featuring AZ and Nas, if you listen to the record you notice it fades in with the vocals as the song progresses. There’s no beginning. The beat doesn’t start and then the vocals come in. The beat fades in and then the vocals fade in. That was an accident. When I gave them the master for that beat–shout out to Damien Blyden who was an A&R at Motown who placed the record for me with AZ–when I mixed the beat I  was recording it to a DAT machine. You know when you finish making a beat and you want to make a mastered copy that you keep to shop—I was recording it and didn’t realize I had the recording volume all the way down on my DAT player. So when I was recording it, there was a couple of bars into the beat sequence with no volume. I had to turn it up, so I turned it up slowly. When I gave him the beat I forgot about that.

So when I placed it they did a reference recording of it and they had it the exact same way. So by the time I was in the studio I said I gotta fix that! [but]They said “nah, nah, leave that shit. That shit is hot.” So that fade in is an accident that stayed there. Because I didn’t record my beat from the beginning when I mastered to a DAT.

Full interview coming soon to Nodfactor.com!

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